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February 20th, 2016

I wanted to make my first legit time lapse video and I wanted to add movement to some of my shots. I knew I was going to need some sort of camera slider but also one that can move smooth and pull from one side to the other. After doing some research online and watching a few videos I figured I could build one myself with a few parts along with some sort of motor and battery.

Ordering some of these parts online was the longest part of the project. Shipping sucks! I built out the rails and slider part first while I waited for the motor and battery to come. Using conduit, aluminum angle rail, skateboard wheels, bearings and lots of washers, nuts and bolts. I was able to mount the camera on top and slide it from side to side.

I made a side piece on the slider to hold the 12v battery and small motor with the left over angle rail. I also bought an adjustable voltage regulator to slow down the motor even more. Using some fishing string I attached one end to the motor and other to the camera mount. After fiddling with it for awhile I got it to pull from one side to the other in about 24 mins! I know this sounds super slow but it will be great for my time lapse video. I then spray painted it black to give it a more sleek look.

Below is the time lapse video I made using the slider! Enjoy~

Mariners Game

January 3rd, 2016

Got the chance to do some photo and video assisting at a Mariners game back in June. Had to snap some pics in between of helping out. When I was in high school I got the chance to take some photos there but it was a high school game

Now it was the Mariners and It wasn’t just any game either. It was Vs. the Yankees! Growing up I played little league and my favorite player was A. Rod when he moved to the Yankees it was devastating to me at that time. Funny to think back on it now. Check out the pics below!


Photo Internship!

October 18th, 2015

Near the end of summer I replied to an internship ad Ben Bridge Jewelry had sent out. After a few emails back and forth I was set up for an interview and to go check out their office/studio. About two weeks later I was hired for the job! This was awesome for me as I can learn while earning money for other photoshoots. So what do I do there on a regular basis? - Right now I’m learning their process on taking photos for their website, everything from the basic white background photo to more stylized photos they call “fluffies” now Ive tried to do some of these fluffies my self and learned that its a whole new process when you are working with setting up a tiny scene for a piece of jewelry compared to say a scene for a beverage or sunglasses. Nonetheless they picked one of my photos to be used in an email web blast, check it out below! Its been a wonderful time working and learning from them.

September 16th, 2015

 Over the summer break I took a portfolio class and at the end of the course we got to work with someone in the industry. I was lucky enough to have 35h North Skateshop be willing to work with me. After a few emails back and forth and I went and met Tony who is the owner/shop manager. Super nice laid back dude. I mentioned I had an interest in product photography and he hooked me up!  Got to shoot a Brixton coat, Vans Anti-Hero shoes and probably the best some UNRELEASED SB’s these were the new “Stained Glass” shoes. Due to come out in a week. For that photo I used some black fish tank sand on the bottom. Im lucky enough to have friends to do rad things. Ive known this guy Chad since we played soccer together as little kids. Went skating down Pine St to show off the Pine St Bombers Jacket from 35th. Glad I got the chance to work with 35th and hope to do more work together in the future! 

August 19th, 2015

[Part 3/3] Some post Formula Drift Seattle Coverage haha, This #v8turbo everything Z took a pretty hard crash as you can see. Parts everywhere, looks like it got tossed nose first into a blender. The cars of Ryan Tuerck and Matt Coffman head out to the next event. These tires were just one of many huge piles around the pits. Tire sponsorships are well needed in this sport!

August 19th, 2015

[Part 2/3] The red 240 was coming out on the track and It caught my eye because of how clean it was, looked like a fresh paint job which was a bright red. He stopped to talk to his homie so I snapped a quick pic. Not even two minutes later on his first run he crashed hard into the wall. Pretty much ruined the back end and the glass shattered. Bummer man! I love the wide variety of cars at these events. Lots of body modifications and look at that vette! That thing roared down the track.

August 19th, 2015

[Part 1/3]Recently took some pictures the day after Formula Drift Seattle at Evergreen Speedway. These are the Pro-am drivers doing their thang! Check it out~ Also they have events every couple weekends and pit passes are only $15 bucks!

Gotta start somewhere,

July 16th, 2015

Well I want to start showing my creative process and how I go about doing my photoshoots. I’m aiming to provide a look on what I do while shooting or preparing, wether it be just a photo, short video or even time-lapse. Ill start it off with my first photoshoot of the Summer Portfolio class I’m taking at Seattle Central. We we’re each given a tennis ball and had to some way have it in our photo. I came up with an idea to do some sort of bounce shot with the tennis ball and showing off a tennis racquet as the “product” in the image. At first I wasn’t sure how I would make the tennis ball bounce, If you have ever seen the Office Depot truck driving around they have a graphic design of rubber band balls bouncing around and it shows the trail of the bounce a bit which I wanted. I found an old fish tank at my house that I could use to bounce the ball around if I setup my camera just right and far enough away to not get hit! I lined the inside of the fish tank with black paper as you can see from the photos below. For the racquet I shot that separate on a clean background and separated it. Once I combined my shots together and did a few tweaks here I was pretty happy with the image. I also put together a moodboard on Pinterest which you can check out Here: https://www.pinterest.com/teefeisty/tennis-ball/